Racing News 1 July 2017

Sunny skies and light breezes greeted the Riders for the Two-man Team Race but illness, injury and low temperatures kept the numbers down for what was ideal conditions for Racing.

6 Riders braved the cool temps and their names were added to “the Hat”, Bruces’ shoe actually, and drawn to form the teams. Both riders’ from each teams handicap were added together, then halved to give them the Time they had to beat or get closest to.

The Teams were:

Bruce Syme & Bob Charlton – 42:59 TTB (Time to beat)

Bruce Quinn & Richard Brown – 43:00 TTB

Andrew Downey & David Cowdrey – 42:17 TTB

The Teams were set off 1 minute apart and started in the above order. Everyone was working well into the wind on the way up to Wardell but misfortune struck and Bob flatted around 4 km from the turn, effectively finishing both of their races as the their finish time would be taken on the 2nd rider, Bruce chose to ride on, on his own. Andrew & David were making gains on Bruce Q & Richard and had narrowed the Gap to around 1 minute at the turn, and had almost caught Bruce S. The catch of Bruce S was about 2 1/2 km into the homeward leg and Bruce took a tow to the Finish line but didn’t take a turn so as not to falsify the Results. With the wind at their backs Richard & Bruce Q were giving it their all on the way home but the occasional flash of Orange from their Jerseys was the Carrot to David & Andrew who also were putting in a big effort on the run into the Line.

At the finish, it was Richard and Bruce who were first to cross the line, with David & Andrew only 9 seconds behind them.

1st Place went to Bruce & Richard – 38:19 (4:41 to their Handicap, 32.25 kph avg.)

2nd Place Andrew & David – 37:28 (4:49, 32.98 kph avg.)

3rd Place Bruce S. & Bob – DNF.

The Winners

The Other Guys

Thank to our Officials, Alan Paull, Julie Thomas, Chris Syme, Kevin Durkin and Jack Ransom.

Racing News 24 June 2017

After weeks of rain, the conditions could not have been better for the Inaugural Patrons’ Trophy race. The race was 30 km in length (33.4 actually) which was achieved by adding a loop in the middle of the normal up & back course to Wardell.

8 competitors came along to test their mettle over this greater distance and all but 3 were able to be grouped together with others of a similar handicap.

Julie Thomas was off first, then Richard Brown – 21:45 later, then Garry Whitfield and David Cowdrey – 24:00, followed by Harry White, Bruce Syme and Andrew Downey – 25:30 and bringing up the rear Brendan Lowrey – 30:00

Bruce, Andrew and Harry rode strongly up to Wardell, catching Garry and David a few km short, who had both been taking it easy anticipating the catch, who then managed to jump on the back of the train.

Several surges from Harry White unshipped a couple of riders from the train, Andrew was the first casualty soon after the First rounding at Wardell, then Richard was swept up and managed to hang on for about 4 km before he too got spat out the back after rounding the turn at Empirevale.

Everyone continued to ride strongly with Andrew being unable to take much time out of Richard, while Brendan, who had been suffering from a cold, caught both Andrew and Richard and got to within sight of the lead group. The distance proved too much for Julie who chose to head straight on at Empirevale to record a DNF.

The lead group of 4 riders were all still together at the end and a bunch sprint ensued, with Bruce emerging as a clear victor while the other 3 couldn’t be separated on time.

1st Place and Winner of the Patrons’ Trophy, Bruce Syme – 56:23 (35.54 kph average speed)

2nd Place, Harry White – 56:24

3rd Place, Garry Whitfield – 56:24

Brendan recorded the Fastest Time – 53:41 (37.33 kph).

Thanks to Jack Ransom for sponsoring this event and providing the Prizes. Thanks also to Alan Paul, Peter Hausamann, Ian Gailer, Kevin Durkin and Chris Syme.

Racing News 17 June 2017

A Blustery South Westerly was in force on an overcast Saturday afternoon for the start of the Individual Time Trial. Showers had cleared earlier in the day but a mass of dark clouds were making their way up from the South.

It was into these conditions that 6 Riders set off in the Race of Truth. While Aero bikes and bars were allowed, only two riders brought out a weapon against the clock, Brendan was sporting a Disc wheel in the hopes of gaining an edge, and Richard was on his new Aero Bianchi Oltre XR4.

The riders set off in no particular order at 1 minute intervals, first off, Richard Brown, then Paul O’Kelly, Bruce Syme, David Cowdrey, Garry Whitfiled and Brendan Lowrey.

All the riders rode well in the trying conditions and all rode very close to their respective handicap times. The places went to the riders with the lowest corrected times on Handicap and gaps were pretty small given the diversity of the field.

1st Place – Brendan Lowrey, 34:16 (34:16 – 36.07 kph)

2nd Place – Richard Brown, 34:16 (40:38 – 30.41 kph)

3rd Place Garry Whitfield, 35:17 (39:09 – 31.57 kph)

Thanks to our Officials, Jack Ransom, Chris Syme, Ian Gailer , Murray Ebbott, Bob Charlton and Andrew Downey.

Racing News 3 June 2017

On a day that had been forecast for rain for the past week, the clouds while all around, held off dumping on the riders as they lined up for the Grouped Handicap race. The wind on the other hand decided to come to the party, blowing an average of 25 kph and gusting up to 30 kph from the SSW, the general direction of the first leg of the race, this had left a few at home while others were still away.

7 Riders presented at the start line, grouped into pairs with similar handicaps, with the exception of Brendan Lowrey, who didn’t have anybody else on his handicap turn up. The pairings were; Richard Brown and Paul O’Kelly, Andrew Downey and Gavin Rose 2 minutes later, Garry Whitfield and Bruce Quinn 1 minute 30 seconds after them and then Brendan Lowrey a further 2 minutes back.

The trip down to Wardell was into the wind and challenged all the riders, with the only ones to make much impression being Andrew & Gavin, catching Richard & Paul, Garry & Bruce had their gap to Brendan all but closed down while making minimal gains themselves.

The downwind run back to the finish line saw Andrew consolidate his gains by working with Richard and Paul but unfortunately Gavin spent a bit too much getting across the gap to that pairing and was unable to go with them as the speed increased.

Brendan waited to pounce and went past Garry and Bruce leaving them little opportunity to latch on as he tried to chase down the leaders. The catch was made before the start of the School straight at Empirevale and again he went past at speed. Andrew chose not to spend himself in an effort to get on his back wheel and let Brendan pass, choosing instead to continue work with Paul and Richard. The pace finally proved too much for Richard and he dropped off the back leaving Paul and Andrew to contend the minor places with Andrew proving too strong and pulling away in the last 800 meters to finish second.

1st Place: Brendan Lowrey 34:52, Clock time 40:22 (35.45 kph);

2nd Place: Andrew Downey 39:03, Clock time 41:03 (31.65 kph);

3rd Place: Paul O’Kelly 41:12, Clock time 41:12 (30.00 kph).

Andrew was the Monthly Medal winner for May.

Thanks again to our Officials, Kevin Durkin, Kerry St. George, Julie Thomas and Ian Gailer.

Racing News 27 May 2017

A bright, sunny afternoon heralded the Inaugural President’s Cup Race. The race format was an Individual Handicap, where each rider would according to their own handicap time and whilst they could draft, each rider would be set off at no less than 15 second intervals.

First off was Julie Thomas, followed the President himself, Kevin Durkin at 11:00 minutes, Murray Ebbott 11:15, Paul O’Kelly 11:30 then a bit of a gap before Bruce Quinn 14:45, visitor from the Hunter Valley Masters Cycling Club Ken Hatch 15:00, Andrew Downey 15:15, Harry White 15:30 and last to leave Brendan Lowrey 17:30.

Some alliances formed on the way up to Wardell while others never formed at all leaving some riders to cover the entire distance Solo in a Time Trial like fashion. One such group to form was Bruce and Ken who managed to ride away from their chasers and slowly mow down the entire field. Ken eventually rode away from Bruce to cross the line first, with Brendan close on his heels and Bruce rounding out the top three spots.

Ken declined his place promoting others to the Podium in a selfless act of good sportsmanship. Brendan again recorded the fastest time – 0:33:45 (36.82 kph).

President’s Cup present by Kevin Durkin, The President.

Second Place to Bruce Quinn

Third Place Paul O’Kelly

Thanks to our Officials on the day and congratulations to all the rider participating to make this a great day.

Racing News 20 May 2017

On a gloomy afternoon that had been threatening rain for days, 7 Riders fronted up to compete in the Reverse Handicap Race. The conditions were pretty benign despite how they looked and were in fact quite nice for a race.

The race got under way with a rolling start, with the pace being kept at 30 kph until the Start/Finish line was crossed, at which point all bets were off. Brendan put his head on the stem and went for it, knowing that he had to put time into the entire field from the get go. Harry White and Andrew Downey tried valiantly to stay on his wheel, but couldn’t quite close the last 6 or 7 meters to get into the draft. They sat up and were soon joined by Bruce Quinn and Bruce Syme, and Garry Whitfield shortly after. These 5 worked well taking turns and kept Brendan in their sights all the way down to Wardell, keeping the gap to a mere 30 seconds at the turn.

The light breeze was favourable on the return leg and while the main group had increased their speed, it wasn’t enough. Brendan recorded the Fastest Time for the day and crossed the line first. In a thrilling sprint over the last 100 meters the two Bruce’s crossed side by side with the place across the line being decided by a photo finish and hold off a fast finishing Garry and Harry. The Winner however, would be the rider who had mitigated their loses better than the other others, and in this case, Andrew was the one to manage this best, by finishing with the group in which every other rider had to give him time on handicap. Bob Charlton, after being dropped early on, put in a big effort to ride solo for the whole distance and finished with a very respectable time.

1st Place: Andrew Downey, 34:10 – 30:10 (HC)

2nd Place: Bruce Syme, 34:07 – 30:52 (HC)

3rd Place: Bruce Quinn, 34:07 – 31:42 (HC)

Photo Finish

Fastest Time

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Thanks to our Officials, Jack Ransom, Ian Gailer, Alan Paull, Murray Ebbot and Chris Syme (Photos).

Racing News 7 May 2017

4 Riders chose to take the trip up to Arundel on the Gold Coast to participate in some quality Graded racing with Gold Coast Masters Cycling Club on their Gaven Short Course.

Richard Brown flew the BMCC flag solo in E Grade and and fought off a fast finishing Carol MacLennan after a cheeky sprint to finish 1st yet again. 

Garry Whitfield, Bob Charlton and Andrew Downey entered D Grade and all rode well. There was some confusion in the bunch about the amount of Laps left to ride with the “2 laps to go” sign being presented twice by the officials. Not all of the riders caught the 1 lap to go comment from the race referee and although this was relayed through the group not everyone was across it. Having spent most of the race on or near the front, and in no doubt, it was Andrew who took out the top spot on the Podium after launching a long range sprint from about 600 metres out.

Thanks to the GCMCC for making us feel welcome once again, we look forward to you coming to pay us a visit.

Racing News 29 April 2017

After a couple of weeks of ideal weather conditions, the Riders were treated to a dose of typical South Ballina Blow for the Grouped Handicap.  The Riders were grouped together by Handicap times and set off in those groups.

The First group consisted of Paul O’Kelly and Richard Brown, 4 minutes behind them, the second group held Harry White, Bruce Syme, Bruce Quinn, Andrew Downey, Garry Whitfield and David Cowdrey. In a group of one, was Brendan Lowrey, a further 1.5 minutes further behind.

At the turn at Wardell after working into the wind, the time gaps had shrunk between the three groups and it was shaping up to be a close finish. As the speed picked up on the way back to Start/Finish Line, it became too much for a couple of riders, dropping off the back of the group, whilst all the “sneaky training” was paying off for others. Brendan rode well to close down the gap, but 20km solo sprint proved too much in the end.

After a thrilling sprint for the finish, the Podium went to:

1st place went to Bruce Quinn, 35:03;

2nd Harry White, 35:04; and

3rd Garry Whitfield, 35:05.

Three other riders had the same finish time, however were awarded their placings in accordance with their position over the line.

Paul O’Kelly scooped the pool to win the Monthly Medal.

Pre-ride Brief.

Thanks to our Officials, Ian Gailer, Alan Paull, Carole Sharrock and Murray Ebbott.

Racing News 22 April 2017

Perfect conditions greeted the 8 Riders who lined up to compete in the 2 Man Team race.

The riders were names were drawn from a hat and their handicaps added together, then halved to give them a time to beat. The pairing that was closest too or beat that time would be the winners.

The draw placed the riders into the following teams:

Richard Brown & Andrew Downey – TTB (Time To Beat) 37:00

Gavin Rose & Bruce Quinn – TTB 36:30

Paul O’Kelly & Brendan Lowrey – TTB 36:00

Garry Whitfield & David Cowdrey – TTB 36:00

Each team was set off at 1 minute intervals, and were not allowed to draft another team should they catch them. All the riders put in big efforts along the whole course and the outcome was still uncertain as they crossed the line.

It came down to corrected times that determined the placings.

First, Paul & Brendan – 36:52, 0:52;

Second, Andrew & Richard – 37:58, +0:58;

Third, Garry & David – 37:14, +1:14; and

Fourth, Gavin & Bruce – 38:49, +2:19

A couple of our Members made it up to the Gold Coast on Sunday for a race with GCMCC, Bob Charlton and Harry White. Bob had a good ride although couldn’t quite get onto the Podium, While Harry had a great ride back from injury and place 3rd in C Grade.

Thanks as always to our Officials, whose efforts are very much appreciated by all, Alan Paull, Carole Sharrock, Ian Gailler and Kevin Durkin.

Garry Proudly wearing his Monthly Medal for March presented by Carole Sharrock

Racing News 15 April 2017

9 riders met with glorious sunshine and a light NNE breeze for the first full Individual Time Trial (ITT) for the year. With no Drafting allowed and no significant wind advantage, this would prove a true test of the riders form. The ITT is known as the “Race of Truth” for these very reasons. At the Club level a race like this is not about who is the fastest rider, as it is in international events like le Tour de France or Giro d’Italia, it is more for riders to race against themselves, to match or better their Handicap.

The Riders were set of in no particular order at 30 second intervals with David Cowdrey off first. Followed by new member and first time competitor at with the Club, Bernard Thomas, then Paul O’Kelly, Andrew Downey, Richard Brown, Bruce Quinn, Gavin Rose (the only competitor to turn up with both a TT bike and a Lazer Wasp aero helmet), Garry Whitfield and last to start, Brendan Lowrey.

As you would expect, Brendan charged through the field on the way to the turn, the only rider to effect the order of the riders on the road to Wardell. The light tailwind on the way to Wardell had no real effect on the field, the same could not be said once the field turned back into it. All the rider found it hard going into the breeze on the final leg with a few riders swapping places on the road. Bruce Quinn made a valiant effort overtaking two of the riders in front of him, only to have them both retake their spots and hold them to the finish. 

The results were calculated by comparing the riders actual ride time to their Handicap time and the final standings would go to the riders closest to their respective handicaps.

1st place – Gavin Rose, ride time 38:33, Handicap 38.30, +0:03

2nd place – Paul O’Kelly, ride time 39:11, Handicap 39:00, +0:11

3rd place – Brendan Lowrey, ride time 33:46, Handicap 33:30, +0:16

Thanks as always goes to our officials, Jack, Kevin, Ian, Carole, Alan and Bill.