Racing News 18 November 2017

Skies were overcast and thunderstorms threatened to spoil the party as the Riders took to the course for the last Official Race for not only the year, but for the Club itself. As this was The Bicycle Emporium’s annual Omnium the format was a 3 Lap, Reverse Handicap which was 36.6km in length, the longest race the Club has held.

The riders set off in a group with a rolling start with the front runners putting the hammer down soon after crossing the Start line and gaps soon started to appear. Kevin Durkin and Paul O’Kelly were the first two to pop and they soon settled in to a smooth rhythm and worked well to mitigate their loses. The four riders further up the road were still surging and trying drop each other, eventually uncoupling Richard Brown to leave him dangling in no-mans land, unable to stay at the front and too far back to the others. David Cowdrey tried successively to ramp up the pace and tire the Bruce Quinn and Garry Whitfield and almost succeeded a couple of times, had the race been longer, this strategy would have been successful.

On the line the Bruce had best sprint finishing in 1:05:28, with Garry 1 second behind him and David coming third over the line, on corrected time however, the order was reshuffled somewhat.

1st Garry Whitfield 1:05:29 (52:40)

2nd Bruce Quinn 1:05:28 (53:01)

3rd David Cowdrey 1:05:30 (55:09)

No prizes were awarded however as this race is 1st of 3 parts of the Omnium with the winner to be decided next weekend.

A huge thanks goes out to Alan Paull and Carol Sharrock for their dedication throughout the year, also to Ian Gailler, Chris Syme, Murray Ebbott and all the volunteers that donate their time to keep us racing.


Racing News 5 November 2017

Gold Coast Masters Race 5th November 2017

On a warm and sticky morning three member of the Ballina Masters Club,  Shorty Brown, Garry Whitfield and Bob Charlton travelled up the Gavin Short Course.

D grade had a field of 27 riders, It was a race of attacks and surges, Bob rode well throughout the course and at times hit the front.

Garry rode well chasing down a break-away. Due to a large truck backing out onto the course, D grade had to ride an extra circuit. In the final sprint to the line Garry just got his noise in front for third place. Bob finished not to far behind the winners.

E grade had a field of 10 riders,  three riders after the first few laps attacked of the front forcing Shorty to close their advantage, this continued for circuit after circuit. It looked like the three were trying to drop Shorty but in the final sprint to the line their plains failed as Shorty sprinted past them winning but 50 meters.


100 Miler

With Numbers down a little from last year, several riders away, others competing in National Titles and a couple choosing to do their own thing. The 11 riders assembled showed the true grit and determination that inspired this ride in the first place, several of whom had not ridden this ride before.

A few small drops at the before the ride started was in stark contrast to the conditions experienced by the riders this year. The day was warm, bordering on hot, and humid, and while the wind was light to start the day, a Nor’ Easter built up for the rider to slog into for the last 40 km.

The Route takes in Teven, Eltham, Clunes, Lismore, Coraki, Woodburn, Evans Head, Broadwater, Bagotville and Wardell before returning to Ballina for a total distance of just over 160 km (100 Miles). This year the ride started and finished in the Lincraft carpark with the post ride BBQ taking place at Hotel Henry Rous.


Home for a well earned Snag and a Beer. Thanks to Alan Paull and the staff at Hotel Henry Rous for organising the BBQ.

The ride was enjoyed by all a huge thanks has to go to Michael Hanley who drove the “Sag Wagon” keeping the riders safe, fed and hydrated the whole way around the 100 Mile course.

While there will be a few sore legs for the next few days, many can’t wait to do it again next year.

Racing News 16 September 2017

You couldn’t have asked for better weather for the Individual Time Trial held on Saturday afternoon, blue skies and light winds were on hand for the longest Time Trial in the Clubs’ history, 24.4km.

5 Riders lined and were set off at 1 minute intervals in no particular order starting with Bruce Syme followed by Richard Brown, David Cowdrey, Bruce Quinn and Garry Whitfield.

All riders rode strongly and there was a slight reshuffle of the order as a couple of riders managed to catch their “minute man”.

At the finish there was not much difference in elapsed times, with just over two minutes between the 5 riders.

1st Place went to Garry Whitfield – 40:07 (45:03 elapsed), 2nd David Cowdrey – 40:13 (44:27), 3rd Bruce Quinn – 40:39 (45:07), 4th Richard Brown – 42:05 (47:10) and 5th Bruce Syme – 42:11 (45:16). 

Thanks to all our officials once again, Jack Ransom, Carole Sharrock, Alan Paull, Bob Charlton and Andrew Downey.

Congratulations to Richard Brown, picking up two Monthly Medals, June & July, presented by Bruce Syme and Mark Downey.


Racing News 10 September 2017

Runaway Bay GCMCC Race Meeting


On a crisp spring morning four members from Ballina Masters Cycling Club drove up to the Runaway Bay Criterum track to do battle with the Gold Coast Masters Cycling Club boys.

Bruce Syme in C grade, Bob Charlton and Garry Whitfield in D grade and Richard Brown in E grade.

Bruce  put in the final sprint at the finish just got pipped out of third place.

Both Bob Charlton and Garry Whitfield put in a big effort throughout the race but sadly Bob was out sprinted in the final 200 meters, but Garry just by a managed second place nose .

Richard Brown out sprinted the field for first place.

Racing News 2 September 2017

A bright sunny afternoon heralded the start of Spring as the Final part of the Winter Series got under way. The format was a reverse handicap which has a Rolling mass start. The Handicaps are applied to the riders Finish Times and so it is as important for the fast riders to get away soon as possible as it is for the slower riders to hang on for as long as possible.

The field was 6 riders strong comprising Bruce Syme, Bruce Quinn, Garry Whitfield, Richard Brown and David Cowdrey, with John Parella visiting from Geelong S.S.C.

The riders were still all together at the second turn and would have their work cut out to make large enough gains on the second half of the race.

The Hammer went down soon into the 3rd leg as David Cowdrey went on an assault and a split was caused, with Richard Brown finally being tailed off as the group of 5 riders got back on terms and rode to the finish.

It wasn’t to be enough though despite the group finishing over 1 1/2 minutes in front of Richard, he managed to sneak onto the top step of the podium, taking the race and the Series. Bruce Quinn managed to take line honours for the second race in a row as the bunch sprinted to the line. Garry Whitfield rode exceptionally to finish 3rd on the day and 2nd for the Series. David Cowdrey took 2nd on the day and managed to place 3rd for the Series despite sacrificing his chances by acting as First Aid Officer last week.

The standings for the Winter Series are:

Richard Brown –  23 Points,

Garry Whitfield – 21 Points,

David Cowdrey – 14 Points,

Bruce Quinn – 11 Points,

Bruce Syme  – 9 Points,

Paul O’Kelly  – 6 Points,

Bob Charlton – 2 Points,

Harry White & Andrew Downey – 1 Point.

A big thanks to our Officials for the day, Ian Gailer, Alan Paul, Jack Ransom and Kevin Durkin.

Racing News 26 August 2017

A blustery day with blue skies was what greeted the Riders on Saturday afternoon as the Second Part of the Winter Series finally got under way. Bad weather and a series of other setbacks had forced the Racing to shift a couple of weeks, meaning the upcoming Finale will actually be held in Spring!

With several riders away and a few others recovering and one rider selflessly donating his time as First Aid Officer so other could ride, it was a small field that took to the course for the Individual Handicap.

Each Rider was set off at 15 second intervals in order of their respective handicaps with Richard Brown off first followed by Andrew Downey, Bruce Quinn and Garry Whitfield.  Andrew got across to Richard about halfway to the first turn with Bruce catching that duo at the turn itself with Garry measuring hids efforts and slowly hauling them in. Lack of time on the bike for Andrew was telling and he dropped off the back of the group and was left dangling in no-mans land between the other competitors. Garry caught up to Andrew and the pair worked together briefly before Andrew once more had to drop off, retiring with a strained calf.

Richard overshot the Turn at Empire Vale and Bruce, realising he had to put time into Richard, left him behind. Garry caught Richard on the way back to the Finish but the pair were unable to catch a fast finishing Bruce.

Bruce Quinn

Garry Whitfield

Richard Brown

The standings after the first two Parts of the Winter Series are:

Garry Whitfield – 15 Points,

Richard Brown –  15 Points,

David Cowdrey – 8 Points,

Bruce Quinn & Paul O’Kelly  – 6 Points,

Bruce Syme  – 5 Points,

Bob Charlton – 2 Points,

Harry White & Andrew Downey – 1 Point.

Thanks again to all our Volunteers and Officials for donating your time to keep the racing going.

Racing News 12 August 2017

Bright sunshine and light winds were the order of the day for the Teams Race on Saturday afternoon. This was an ideal way for the riders to get out and get a feel for the all new BMCC road course, a 2 Lap Loop from Empire Vale School to Wardell and back, for a total of just under 24.5 Km.

The teams were 2 groups of 3 Riders consisting of:

Team A – Garry Whitfield, Bruce Quinn and Richard Brown;

Team B – Matt Benson, Bill Richardson (good to see him back racing) and David Cowdrey.

The teams were set off 1 minute apart and were not allowed to draft the other team if caught.

It was anyone’s guess what the gaps were like on the way into the turn at Wardell for the first time, but as the field were heading into the second turn, the gap had clearly closed with there being only about 10 seconds between Team A & Team B as they rounded the turn.

Garry, Bruce and Richard fought valiantly to hold off the fast charging Team B but they were snapped up before the turn at Wardell. All riders rode well on the final leg back to Empire Vale and while Team A did their best to mitigate their loses, Matt, Bill and David were too strong on the day overcoming their 1 minute deficit and putting a further 39 seconds on to that to run out clear Winners with a corrected time of 42:15 (34.5 kph avg.), Team A’s time was 43:54 (33.2 kph).

Winners Matt, Bill and David.

Thanks to our once again, Carole Sharrock, Alan Paull, Ian Gailer , Murray Ebbott, Paul O’Kelly and Jack Ransom.


Racing News 22 July 2017

Clear Skies and light winds greeted the Riders on the Banks of the Richmond River in South Ballina for the Reverse Handicap Race.

The Rolling Start ….

The riders set off as a group with a rolling start and the pace was on from the outset. Brendan Lowrey shook off the field almost immediately with Harry White and Matt Benson the first casualties, while a group of 4 formed at the back.

Unlike our usual races, first across the line doesn’t win it as the Handicaps are applied to the riders finish time, so the faster riders have to distance themselves as much as possible in order to have a chance.

Matt, Brendan and Harry rode solo for the whole race trying to get their respective margins out their handicaps. Meanwhile the group of 4, consisting of  David Cowdrey, Garry Whitfield, Richard Brown and Bob Charlton continued to work together.

Bob proved the old adage – “old age and cunning beats youth and enthusiasm” by sticking with the group till the end, secure in the knowledge that all the riders had to give him time, with the three fast guys being the only ones who could cause him an upset.

The racing was very close, with actual times ridden by all the falling between 34:23 and 37:08, so only 2:45 separating them.


1st – Bob Charlton

2nd – Richard Brown

3rd – David Cowdrey

1st Place – Bob Charlton

2nd Place – Richard Brown

Garry pipping David on the line – David was 3rd on Handicap.

Thanks to our Officials – Carole Sharrock, Ian Gailler, Jack Ransom, Alan Paull and Murray Ebbott.

Racing News 15 July 2017

Light breezes, cloudy skies and a Storm coming was what greeted the Riders for the first race of the Winter Series.The format for this first race was a Grouped Handicap where riders of similar abilities were grouped together according to their handicaps.

8 riders were on hand to compete and were grouped into the following:

Richard Brown, Paul O’Kelly and Bob Charlton off Limit,

David Cowdrey, Bruce Syme and Garry Whitfield, 2 minutes later and

Harry White and Brendan Lowrey 3 and 1/2 minutes further back off Scratch.

The first and second groups on the road linked up and worked together before Bob succumbed to a flat front tyre heading home from Wardell, while Brendan proved to strong for Harry and rode away from him.

At the finish line there was a 5 way sprint with Garry Whitfield just edging out Richard Brown, Paul O’Kelly finished strongly for 3rd spot on the Podium.

Monthly Medal Winner for June – Brendan Lowrey 

Thanks goes, as always, to our wonderful Officials, Jack Ransom, Carole Sharrock, Ian Gailler, and Alan Paull.