Racing News 5 November 2017

Gold Coast Masters Race 5th November 2017

On a warm and sticky morning three member of the Ballina Masters Club,  Shorty Brown, Garry Whitfield and Bob Charlton travelled up the Gavin Short Course.

D grade had a field of 27 riders, It was a race of attacks and surges, Bob rode well throughout the course and at times hit the front.

Garry rode well chasing down a break-away. Due to a large truck backing out onto the course, D grade had to ride an extra circuit. In the final sprint to the line Garry just got his noise in front for third place. Bob finished not to far behind the winners.

E grade had a field of 10 riders,  three riders after the first few laps attacked of the front forcing Shorty to close their advantage, this continued for circuit after circuit. It looked like the three were trying to drop Shorty but in the final sprint to the line their plains failed as Shorty sprinted past them winning but 50 meters.