Racing News 22 July 2017

Clear Skies and light winds greeted the Riders on the Banks of the Richmond River in South Ballina for the Reverse Handicap Race.

The Rolling Start ….

The riders set off as a group with a rolling start and the pace was on from the outset. Brendan Lowrey shook off the field almost immediately with Harry White and Matt Benson the first casualties, while a group of 4 formed at the back.

Unlike our usual races, first across the line doesn’t win it as the Handicaps are applied to the riders finish time, so the faster riders have to distance themselves as much as possible in order to have a chance.

Matt, Brendan and Harry rode solo for the whole race trying to get their respective margins out their handicaps. Meanwhile the group of 4, consisting of  David Cowdrey, Garry Whitfield, Richard Brown and Bob Charlton continued to work together.

Bob proved the old adage – “old age and cunning beats youth and enthusiasm” by sticking with the group till the end, secure in the knowledge that all the riders had to give him time, with the three fast guys being the only ones who could cause him an upset.

The racing was very close, with actual times ridden by all the falling between 34:23 and 37:08, so only 2:45 separating them.


1st – Bob Charlton

2nd – Richard Brown

3rd – David Cowdrey

1st Place – Bob Charlton

2nd Place – Richard Brown

Garry pipping David on the line – David was 3rd on Handicap.

Thanks to our Officials – Carole Sharrock, Ian Gailler, Jack Ransom, Alan Paull and Murray Ebbott.