Racing News 18 November 2017

Skies were overcast and thunderstorms threatened to spoil the party as the Riders took to the course for the last Official Race for not only the year, but for the Club itself. As this was The Bicycle Emporium’s annual Omnium the format was a 3 Lap, Reverse Handicap which was 36.6km in length, the longest race the Club has held.

The riders set off in a group with a rolling start with the front runners putting the hammer down soon after crossing the Start line and gaps soon started to appear. Kevin Durkin and Paul O’Kelly were the first two to pop and they soon settled in to a smooth rhythm and worked well to mitigate their loses. The four riders further up the road were still surging and trying drop each other, eventually uncoupling Richard Brown to leave him dangling in no-mans land, unable to stay at the front and too far back to the others. David Cowdrey tried successively to ramp up the pace and tire the Bruce Quinn and Garry Whitfield and almost succeeded a couple of times, had the race been longer, this strategy would have been successful.

On the line the Bruce had best sprint finishing in 1:05:28, with Garry 1 second behind him and David coming third over the line, on corrected time however, the order was reshuffled somewhat.

1st Garry Whitfield 1:05:29 (52:40)

2nd Bruce Quinn 1:05:28 (53:01)

3rd David Cowdrey 1:05:30 (55:09)

No prizes were awarded however as this race is 1st of 3 parts of the Omnium with the winner to be decided next weekend.

A huge thanks goes out to Alan Paull and Carol Sharrock for their dedication throughout the year, also to Ian Gailler, Chris Syme, Murray Ebbott and all the volunteers that donate their time to keep us racing.