Racing News 16 September 2017

You couldn’t have asked for better weather for the Individual Time Trial held on Saturday afternoon, blue skies and light winds were on hand for the longest Time Trial in the Clubs’ history, 24.4km.

5 Riders lined and were set off at 1 minute intervals in no particular order starting with Bruce Syme followed by Richard Brown, David Cowdrey, Bruce Quinn and Garry Whitfield.

All riders rode strongly and there was a slight reshuffle of the order as a couple of riders managed to catch their “minute man”.

At the finish there was not much difference in elapsed times, with just over two minutes between the 5 riders.

1st Place went to Garry Whitfield – 40:07 (45:03 elapsed), 2nd David Cowdrey – 40:13 (44:27), 3rd Bruce Quinn – 40:39 (45:07), 4th Richard Brown – 42:05 (47:10) and 5th Bruce Syme – 42:11 (45:16). 

Thanks to all our officials once again, Jack Ransom, Carole Sharrock, Alan Paull, Bob Charlton and Andrew Downey.

Congratulations to Richard Brown, picking up two Monthly Medals, June & July, presented by Bruce Syme and Mark Downey.