Racing News 15 July 2017

Light breezes, cloudy skies and a Storm coming was what greeted the Riders for the first race of the Winter Series.The format for this first race was a Grouped Handicap where riders of similar abilities were grouped together according to their handicaps.

8 riders were on hand to compete and were grouped into the following:

Richard Brown, Paul O’Kelly and Bob Charlton off Limit,

David Cowdrey, Bruce Syme and Garry Whitfield, 2 minutes later and

Harry White and Brendan Lowrey 3 and 1/2 minutes further back off Scratch.

The first and second groups on the road linked up and worked together before Bob succumbed to a flat front tyre heading home from Wardell, while Brendan proved to strong for Harry and rode away from him.

At the finish line there was a 5 way sprint with Garry Whitfield just edging out Richard Brown, Paul O’Kelly finished strongly for 3rd spot on the Podium.

Monthly Medal Winner for June – Brendan Lowrey 

Thanks goes, as always, to our wonderful Officials, Jack Ransom, Carole Sharrock, Ian Gailler, and Alan Paull.