Racing News 12 August 2017

Bright sunshine and light winds were the order of the day for the Teams Race on Saturday afternoon. This was an ideal way for the riders to get out and get a feel for the all new BMCC road course, a 2 Lap Loop from Empire Vale School to Wardell and back, for a total of just under 24.5 Km.

The teams were 2 groups of 3 Riders consisting of:

Team A – Garry Whitfield, Bruce Quinn and Richard Brown;

Team B – Matt Benson, Bill Richardson (good to see him back racing) and David Cowdrey.

The teams were set off 1 minute apart and were not allowed to draft the other team if caught.

It was anyone’s guess what the gaps were like on the way into the turn at Wardell for the first time, but as the field were heading into the second turn, the gap had clearly closed with there being only about 10 seconds between Team A & Team B as they rounded the turn.

Garry, Bruce and Richard fought valiantly to hold off the fast charging Team B but they were snapped up before the turn at Wardell. All riders rode well on the final leg back to Empire Vale and while Team A did their best to mitigate their loses, Matt, Bill and David were too strong on the day overcoming their 1 minute deficit and putting a further 39 seconds on to that to run out clear Winners with a corrected time of 42:15 (34.5 kph avg.), Team A’s time was 43:54 (33.2 kph).

Winners Matt, Bill and David.

Thanks to our once again, Carole Sharrock, Alan Paull, Ian Gailer , Murray Ebbott, Paul O’Kelly and Jack Ransom.