Racing News 1 July 2017

Sunny skies and light breezes greeted the Riders for the Two-man Team Race but illness, injury and low temperatures kept the numbers down for what was ideal conditions for Racing.

6 Riders braved the cool temps and their names were added to “the Hat”, Bruces’ shoe actually, and drawn to form the teams. Both riders’ from each teams handicap were added together, then halved to give them the Time they had to beat or get closest to.

The Teams were:

Bruce Syme & Bob Charlton – 42:59 TTB (Time to beat)

Bruce Quinn & Richard Brown – 43:00 TTB

Andrew Downey & David Cowdrey – 42:17 TTB

The Teams were set off 1 minute apart and started in the above order. Everyone was working well into the wind on the way up to Wardell but misfortune struck and Bob flatted around 4 km from the turn, effectively finishing both of their races as the their finish time would be taken on the 2nd rider, Bruce chose to ride on, on his own. Andrew & David were making gains on Bruce Q & Richard and had narrowed the Gap to around 1 minute at the turn, and had almost caught Bruce S. The catch of Bruce S was about 2 1/2 km into the homeward leg and Bruce took a tow to the Finish line but didn’t take a turn so as not to falsify the Results. With the wind at their backs Richard & Bruce Q were giving it their all on the way home but the occasional flash of Orange from their Jerseys was the Carrot to David & Andrew who also were putting in a big effort on the run into the Line.

At the finish, it was Richard and Bruce who were first to cross the line, with David & Andrew only 9 seconds behind them.

1st Place went to Bruce & Richard – 38:19 (4:41 to their Handicap, 32.25 kph avg.)

2nd Place Andrew & David – 37:28 (4:49, 32.98 kph avg.)

3rd Place Bruce S. & Bob – DNF.

The Winners

The Other Guys

Thank to our Officials, Alan Paull, Julie Thomas, Chris Syme, Kevin Durkin and Jack Ransom.